What we do – YDA – Young Dealers Association –

The Young Dealers Association (YDA) aims to be the premiere international network for yung art antiques & Design dealers. We provide a platform for meeting fellow collaboratively-minded art dealers, gallerists and consultants. Opportunities to meet other members include monthly meetings, masterclasses, networking events and online platforms. Opportunities to work together include gallery and pop-up exhibitions, art fairs, art deals, the sharing of shipping costs (to art fairs, for example) – and the list goes on. We believe that by working together as a whole, we benefit on an individual basis, by enjoying increasingly successful art antiques and design businesses.

YDA Membership levels include: Full, Associate and StartUp. Note that YDA Membership is available to individuals (not galleries/dealerships) and in order to qualify, the individual must be at Director level of the art – antiques -design organisation. Individuals who have not yet been established for at least 3 years may qualify as an Associate Member (benefits are the same as Full). Furthermore, we maintain one of our founding principles in supporting new AAD dealers with our new StartUp category. This enables us to give new dealers support so as to develop into Associate, and ultimately Full, Members. Geographically, we offer UK and International Memberships.

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